I'm a blogger for The Huffington Post and a freelance writer. For The Huffington Post, I write mostly about communications and campaign strategy. I've also written on topics like green-collar jobs and juvenile justice reform for Mother Jones, YES Magazine and Alternet.org.

Here are a few of my recent articles and commentaries:

The Huffington Post

Ill Communication - President Obama's Misguided Communications Strategy:  Democrats are courting political peril with their campaign for healthcare reform. Before its too late, here's a modest proposal (from message to tactics) for selling reform to the country. 

How to Lose the Congress in 2010: Democrats are hoping that a "No Return to Bush" message will help them hold the House in 2010. But this dispassionate and depressing rallying cry misses an opportunity to tell a strong story about what the party stands for. 

Why I'm Done with Whole Foods: CEO John Mackey's anti-healthcare screed is the last straw. 

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Yes! Magazine

Oakland Creates Jobs By Going Green (Co-authored with Van Jones): How investing in "green collar jobs" could help turn Oakland, CA from America's murder capital to a global green model city.

Mother Jones

Schwarzenegger - The Action Governor, Missing In Action: What's He Done Since Taking Office? On California's notorious juvenile justice system, next to nothing. 

I've also provided copy-writing, ghost-writing and speech-writing services to a number of clients. Please email me for samples.