Isabel Macdonald

Author, "Lou Dobbs, American Hypocrite"

Immigrant-bashing former CNN host Lou Dobbs refused to comment for my Nation article investigating his ties with undocumented workers. But as a result of the extraordinary work of Ben Wyskida - The Nation’s then-publicist—Dobbs was forced to answer my questions on national TV.

With a diligence and media savvy that went miles beyond what one would expect from a whole team of experienced public relations professionals, Ben singlehandedly turned my evidence of Dobbs’s ties with undocumented labor into a national media scandal. Ben proactively devised a strategy that prepared me to successfully debate Dobbs, and the day the Nation published the article, landed me interviews on MSNBC, ABC World News and Good Morning America, amongst other outlets.

As recently as March 2010, Dobbs said he had not “ruled out” a run for President in 2012. Salon has credited The Nation for “staking those ambitions through the heart.” Yet there is perhaps nobody so deserving of this credit as Ben.

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